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Colon Hydrotherapy

First thing first !


Colonoscopy --------->

 In Texas, to do a Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic) session, a Prescription is required by a U.S.  Licensed Medical Doctor.   ( no " BUT.." or  " This place I goes to does not require Rx"  It's the Law ! You can have your family Doctor prescribe it for you or you can use our Doctor. (Our Doctor charges $35 fee).  Make sure your Doctor place COLONIC (Colon Hydrotherapy) " PRN " or  the word "AS NEEDED "  on the Rx. ( The Rx is good for one year )


Physicians Protocol on Colon Hydrotherapy: Minimum of Two Colon Hydrotherapy sessions on consecultive days prior to Colonoscopy or Three Colon Hydrotherapy session for people only have Bowel movement every few days.

Clear liquid diet beginning day one and continue liquids thru day two or until after procedure. (no Chemical is induce !)  

 Step 1.


Download the Medical History forms, fill it out and sign it.


Bring the filled Medical History Forms to your Family Doctor to get a Rx or


Fax or email The filled medical hisotry forms to us to get a Rx from our Doctor ( Doctor's fee $35) FAx: 713.777.7711. Email:


(Medical History Form)

Step 2.


Upon receiving of your Rx from your Doctor or ours, you can call our office to make an appointment for a Colon Hydrotherapy Session.

When you make the appointment please make sure you can make it ! (Refund Policy)

Step 3.


Please do not eat anything Two Hours prior to your Colonic Session ! (Drink plenty of water)


Show up for your appointment on time or 10 to 15 minutes earlier. This Appointment you made is block out just for you !!!  


Our Colon Hydrotherapist will consulte you and guide you thru Colonic session....

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