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The Youtube video shown here is an "idea, example " of how the water might pass thru in different part of your colon. Your Colon Hydrotherapist will explain it to you before you start the session.


* The Colon Hydrotherapist will look over your medical history forms and explain the contraindications with you.  The Therapist will also walk through the Colonic session with you.


* The water pass through the hot/cold water fileter and a UV filter before enter into your colon.


* Once the temperture control water enter to your colon you will feel an urge to you release ! (The cold and warm temperture of the water will cause your colon to contract and expend, a muscular contraction called Peristasis.) 


* The LIBBE system has a viewing tube for you to see what is being release and it odorless !



* The unwant waste will be flush out over and over through out the Colonic session


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