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                         School for Colon Hydrotherapy 


   Wellmore Mind & Body Center's Prerequisites for entry into training

  • Have a positive attitude " I CAN DO IT ! "


     I-ACT's Prerequisites for entry into training


  • High School or GED diploma ( we can not even start training if we do not have a hard copy)

  • Anatomy & Physiology course of at least 3 Credit Hours (30 classroom hours) from a licensed institution or from an institution or course on the I-ACT recognized list post on the I-ACT website (


Please call our office and make an appoint with our I-ACT Certified Instructor.  The instructor will interview you and allow you to make sure that if this is something you want to do.  This is a 10 to 12 full day class !


                    Class is Available once a month, please set up an interview with the instructor first !



                                                                               A brief summary is given below.


  • BUSINESS/ETHICS/OFFICE PROCEDURES (5 hours) — An overview is given about regulations, career options, marketing and management.

  • HEALTH & SANITATION (5 hours) — Here emphasis is given to overall health and wellness (personal hygiene, stress, relations, disease & infection), sanitizing, disinfecting and safety as well as the importance of therapeutic exercise.

  • ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY (45 hours) — The anatomy and physiology of the body is reviewed paying special attention to the Alimentary Tract and various conditions that may effect it.

  • COLON HYDROTHERAPY (10 hours) — The history and theory of Colon Hydrotherapy is summarized along with the indications and contraindications of therapy.

  • COMPLEMENTARY MODALITIES (5 hours) —There are many modalities available that compliment Colon Hydrotherapy which are discussed with particular emphasis on Natural Health.

  • INTERNSHIP / APPRENTICESHIP / 15-MINUTE presentation (30 hours) — Here is where we put it all into practice! The student and instructor review each unit in the clinical setting as the full scope of Colon Hydrotherapy is implemented.  On the first day of training, one hour is devoted to equipment training on the LIBBE (Lower Intestinal Bottom Bowel Evacuation).




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