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Dear Groupon Families


Recently, we've been getting a lot of calls regarding "Prescription Issues". People are telling us that Groupon didn't indicate Rx, Prescription requirements and that if they had known this, they would not have purchased the Groupon.


To be clear, Groupon has always indicated this requirement in the "Fine Print" section from the beginning of this promotion.


 GroupOn Families







Why Do I Need a Prescription ?


  • In our center, we administer The LIBBE ! (open system). This is a FDA approved Class II, medical device. Even the disposal nozzle is a FDA approved Class II nozzle (Example...a xray device is also a FDA approved Class II, medical device). 


  • It is for your own good !  We need to make sure you don't have any of the contraindicaton listed for Colonic !


  • It is the law, we're just following State law !


More informations on how to get an RX..CLICK ME



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